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Residential Projects - Services & Fees

The typical planning & design process :

  • Establish & prioritize client requirements, goals, desires and budget
  • Develop ideas, concepts & sketch drawings
  • Prepare preliminary design drawings used for client review & approval, cost estimates, and zoning or planning board approvals when required
  • Prepare construction documents ( drawings & specifications ) used for submission to local building department for permit and used on site as the 'set of instructions' for the builder / contractor(s).

We offer the following comprehensive architectural services :

  • Feasability studies / options
  • Site & building documentation ( measure, photograph etc. )
  • Prepare existing condition drawings
  • Building codes / zoning research
  • Masterplan design with project phasing options
  • Conceptual sketches / layouts and preliminary design drawings for sitework, building design, interior / space planning, material & product selections
  • Construction documents including structural engineering
  • Review & analysis of contractor estimates
  • Permit application assistance
  • Site visits during construction to observe and verify progress of the work

Residential Fees

Each client and every project is unique and as such, they require a specific and selected combination and scope of services. Please inquire as to which services are necessary and appropriate to plan, design and construct your project.

Fixed Fee

The majority of our services are performed with fixed fee agreements. The fee is established based on the scope & extent of the work and the time & tasks required to complete the project. Fees for custom homes generally range from 5 to 10 % of the construction cost while fees for addition / alteration & remodeling projects generally range from 3 to 8 % of the construction cost.

Hourly Fee

We typically reserve hourly fees for very small projects with a limited scope of work, quick design studies or sketches, or planning phases with an undefined scope of work. Current hourly rates are as follows :

Architect - $74.00 hr
Draftperson - $60.00 hr
Office / Travel - $48.00 hr