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$500 Concept Design Service

Not ready or confident to move forward with traditional Architectural planning + design services? We now offer the $500 Concept Design Service.

A great value for potential clients, home & business owners and builders ………..

  • struggling to define the parameters of your project
  • having difficulty comprehending or visualizing a design solution
  • wanting to determine the probable construction cost

This unique service option includes :

  • Up to 8 hours of Architect / professional staff time
  • Abbreviated ‘program’ meeting to discuss project goals & requirements
  • Abbreviated documentation of site / building
  • Design sketches and analysis
  • Simple concept design diagrams / drawings ( floor plan(s), elevations, etc. )
  • ‘Ballpark’ estimate of project / construction cost using historical square foot costs
  • Proposal for complete Architectural services

Contact Tim Gallagher, RA at (518) 782-7319 or email us for more information.

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